Common Questions

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement (Issue date 30 June 2018) for full details of the products offered by Assured Management Limited

How long has the Assured Mortgage Fund been operating?

The fund has been operating since 1999.

What does the Assured Mortgage Fund invest in?

Generally speaking, the Manager invests in residential, commercial, industrial and retail real estate, including construction and development loans. The Manager does not engage in lending activities which are subject to the Consumer Credit Code, eg. residential home purchases.

Do I have a say in the kind of mortgage my money is invested in?

Yes, you have a choice as to which mortgage you wish your investment to be allocated if you elect for a specific authority. We also have a general authority if you wish to have the manager select which mortgage to invest your funds into.

How long is my money invested for?

Normally each investment is for a period of twelve (12) months but this will vary with each particular loan and will be subject to the repayment of the loan by the borrower or sale of the property.

Can I withdraw my money from a mortgage investment?

Once your investment has been allocated to a mortgage, the funds cannot be withdrawn during the term of the loan.

What will I receive in return for my investment?

Typically you can expect to receive between 3% and 5% above the 6 month Bank Term Deposit rates. Currently the fund is returning 8.5% per annum whilst your investment is in a mortgage.

What is our loan to valuation policy in respect of a mortgage investment?

It is the Manager's practice not to lend in excess of 70% of the valuation.

Is my capital guaranteed?

No. The risks associated with the investment are set out in the Product Disclosure Statement. The Manager takes all steps to reduce the risk by complying with conservative lending guidelines.

If a borrower defaults, what will happen to my return?

a. Payment of interest will continue to be paid by The Manager under the Assured Interest Program until the security property is sold. When the property is sold, you will receive your investment in priority to The Manager receiving the monies paid out under the Assured Interest Program.

Is my personal information safe?

We are committed to respecting the privacy of the personal information you give us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy as set out in the Product Disclosure Statement.